Set of rules were created not long ago by the Active Mobility Act (AMA) for E-Bikes to make public paths like Cycling Paths, Sharing Path, Park Connectors and even roads a safe space for various kinds of users like Pedestrians and E-Bike Riders.

Unfortunately, a handful of us still do not get the memo.

If you haven’t already heard, most of the rules and regulations set by the AMA requires certain amount of money or jail term or even both if you fail to comply. These are extremely crucial in ensuring that the country is a safe space for all.

Besides, we’re sure you don’t want to pay money for something that could have been avoided.

So what are the fines that could be easily avoided?

Using Of Phones While Riding On Your E-Bike

This is really one of those fines that could be avoided, if only you paid a little extra more to get a phone holder. The cheapest phone holder could cost you as low as $4 which is the GUB P-8 Silicone Phone Holder.

Why is this rule implemented? Easy. To ensure that you put all your attention on the road, and not the phone. Sure, you can glance upon it every few minutes to follow the directions. Other than that, eyes on the road, buddy.

First Time Offenders

Fine: up to $1,000 OR

Jail: 3 months

Not Wearing a Helmet 

Another easily avoidable fine. You should already know of the importance of using a helmet. Especially when you ride on the roads, sharing the same road as plenty of the infamous reckless drivers in Singapore.

Naturally, considering the dangers it imposes, the AMA has made it compulsory for E-Bike riders to use a helmet. 

At Ekolife, we have a variety of helmets for you to choose from. A Famous brand of Helmets, GUB, can be found in our store from as low as $18 only. 

First Time Offenders

Fine: up to $1,000 OR

Jail: 3 months

Failure to follow Traffic Signals

It should come naturally for you to follow Traffic Signals when you cycle on the road. Some traffic signals includes following the Traffic Lights, or a STOP sign and many more. 

It would be a bonus if you already have a driver’s license to really find out more about the Singapore Roads. 

To add on, if you haven’t heard from the Straits Times, E-Bike riders will soon have to take up a Mandatory Test before they are able to ride an E-Bike. 

Best to learn some Traffic Basics now. 

First Time Offenders

Fine: up to $1,000 OR

Jail: 3 months

Riding on Footpath

This rule was implemented because something bad has happened before. The Singapore Authorities realised just how dangerous it is for E-Bike riders to share the path with regular pedestrians due to the speed. 

In order to avoid such accidents from occuring again, it has been banned for E-Bike riders to ride on footpaths.

Don’t worry, you can still ride on Cycling Paths, Park Connectors and Roads. Refer to the image above for more information or our blog on riding on Singapore Roads.

First Time Offenders

Fine: up to $1,000 OR

Jail: 3 months


The most ultimate fine you must avoid. 

The LTA-Approved Tags found on your E-Bikes are not there for decorative purposes, you know? The tedious journey for that tag to be there was to assure you that the E-Bike is safe to ride in Singapore. Safe for not only for E-Bike riders, but safe for regular pedestrians. 

Modifying your E-Bikes with the intention of making it faster or more powerful is a serious offend. You are putting so many lives at stake. 

Also, if ever, hopefully never, Singapore completely bands E-Bikes in the country, it will majority be due to high number of people who rode modified e-bikes on the road. 

Before anything like that happens, please. PLEASE STOP MODIFYING. 

First Time Offenders

Fine: up to $20,000 OR

Jail: 24 months

“Wah, so many rules!” 

We know what you’re thinking. However, let us reiterate once more that this is for the Safety of everyone in the country. If these aren’t maintained, you will definitely see a higher number of accidents involving E-Bikes and other parties like drivers on the road or pedestrians on footpath 

Please, abide. For the future of PABs in Singapore. It starts with you.

For more information, you can visit the Land Transport Authority for more information on the rules and regulations. 

If you want to ask questions, feel free to drop us a DM on our Facebook Page

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