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Eko Life is Singapore's only premium Ebike retailer that offers the most affordable installment plans to meet your mobility needs.

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We at Eko Life value your escooter and ebikes as much as we could. Our core team is committed and experienced service personnel to assist you in the electrical and mechanical works for your electric bicycles, personal mobility devices and bicycles.

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Installment Plans

We want everyone to be able to afford a Escooter. That's why Eko Life introduced our EasyRide installment plan to help our customers pay for their ride without blowing their budget. Here's why you should become an member.

A full payment may not be within the financial capabilitites for some and Eko Life is here to help with installment plans to fit every budget.

Our express approval system will let you take your favourite Escooter home in no time

You have the option to include accessories into your installment plan if you need to pimp your ride.

EasyRide installment plan offers you an option of 6, 9, 12 and 22 months for your payment tenure to keep your financial commitments in check.

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Membership deals and promotions
EasyRIde members will enjoy discounts and special deals during promotional campaigns at the store

VIP Perks
Enjoy member exclusive invitations to Eko Life events

First hand news on product launches and updates
Our members will always be the first to know of when new and exciting products hit the store

Exclusive access to EasyRide installment plans
Only EasyRide members are given the option to purchase their Escooters through our afforadable monthly installment plans


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