It’s amazing how much technology has improved and changed the world to make our lives more efficient. When we think about technological advancement, we think of the obvious ones like your mobile devices, automobiles and even the internet.

There is actually another technology that is not garnering as much attention as the rest mentioned above. That one technology that could potentially change the world too – the Electric Bicycle. 

As the name suggests, an Electric Bicycle, or in other words “e-bike”, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion. In simpler terms, this could actually make cycling a lot more pleasant.


Why do people prefer e-bikes to bicycles?

Technically Stronger

This is the Express Drive model as an example. The battery (under the seat) only requires 4-5 hours charging time and can power up the motor that would be triggered by the slightest push of the bike’s pedal.

In other words, minimal effort would be put in to allow the motor to do the rest of the job of moving the e-bike. Doesn’t that sound amazing already? Riding a bicycle without putting in much energy to pedal your way?


Environmentally Friendly

Some people tend to have this misconception that E-Bikes would emit pollution because they use motors. You are very wrong! Electric bicycles are certainly good for the environment as they use electric power (along with human power) to push them forward, not petrol.

According to Wikipedia, “Electric bicycles are zero-emission vehicles.”  This means that they emit nearly nothing into the environment – no exhaust, no noise, no other pollution.

Fun fact, if one charges the battery using green solar power, e-bikes become 100% environmentally friendly and good for the environment, just as good as a bicycle.


Unique Appearance




These are just two of the many unique models we have in terms of design. The designs of these E-Bicycles are something that you wouldn’t get from your regular bicycles. Many of the E-bikes manufacturers would make the design of their e-bikes their unique selling point. They can come in any shapes and forms and it still does the same work as any regular e-bikes.



Alot of E-bicycles come with a very useful advantage – being foldable. An example would be the Minimotors Scorpion model you saw just now. 

This is definitely one of the biggest plus point any mode of transportation should have – the ability to fold and fit it inside your car or the taxi to get to your destination. Unlike regular bicycles, you would never be able to achieve this kind of accessibility with it.

Also, you can practically store this somewhere in your house and not leaving it at the corridor, increasing the risks of it getting stolen.


Should you get an e-bike?

Yes, of course!

Riding any bike at all gives you so many things. Freedom, stress-reduction, better health, more free time, more enjoyment. And we shouldn’t dismiss other benefits, such as reduced car traffic and a better environment.

However, there is something different about an E-Bicycle. 

You don’t need to worry about not being physically fit enough to pedal far, hurting the environment, being unable to look good while riding and not being able to carry your E-bikes around or storing it at a safe place.

What are you waiting for?


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