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DVX is undisputedly the coolest e-bike available in Singapore. Designed by a Taiwanese award-winning designer, it’s packed with functionality x appearance. The only e-bike that have a fast charging capability of just 1.5 hours to fully charge up the battery, you will have little to no down-time daily. The belt-drive instead of chain-driven design also reduces the mess and frequency of chain maintenance.

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DVX Electric Bicycle Benefits


– Single charge: above 45km
– w/ Additional battery: up 90km


– Super reliable
– Low maintenance
– Well designed


– Gradual torque assistance
– Well tuned for 36V
– 20″ wheel to help push motion


– Perfect for leisure ride
– High quality display with details
– Wide seat to stem ratio


– Not foldable
– Not suitable for public transport

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FAQs for DVX Electric Bicycles

Can I carry children on the ebike?

Based on Singapore’s regulatory requirement on e-bikes, children below 16 years old are not allowed on an e-bike. If you’re getting a unit to bring your young children around, you might consider an e-scooter, PMA or bicycle instead.

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Can I ride ebike in Singapore?

Yes, E-bikes that are LTA approved; tagged with the LTA orange seal are certified legal to use in Singapore. At Eko Life, all our e-bikes are LTA approved. You are allowed to use them on roads (with helmet), cycling paths, park connectors and shared paths. Don’t forget to complete your online theory test before going on road! It’s a few clicks away to get the test completed!

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DVX Electric Bicycle Reviews

Bought this as my 2nd e-bike. In the day use by Rogi Max for delivery and this can supplement and do my leisure riding out with friends. Very cool and fast charging!

Purchased this electric bicycle for transportation purpose, it’s outlooks are perfect and different from the others seen in Singapore. Serve it’s purpose well.

Great looks, great handling. Riding is very smooth but got to deal with the battery capacity. I came back to purchase the 2nd battery.

Additional Info for DVX Electric Bicycle

DVX - Red
DVX Display
Certification: LTA Compliant (Orange Seal), EN15194 2017 TUV Certified
Motor: 36V 250W DC Geared
Battery: Samsung 36V 7AH
Brake Systems: Dual disc brakes
Wheels: 20 inch tyres
Rims: Cast aluminium 1 piece rim
Display: Standard display
Weight: 19 kg(s)
Dimensions: 156 × 64 × 91 cm
Color: Red, Green
Max load: 120 kg(s)
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Unique features

The design of DVX is the hottest topic in town as the frame was designed after a naked motorcycle but fitted into the e-biking category. It’s equipped with fat 20″ tyres that are made for urban city usage for high quality grips.


Manufactured from 6061 heavy-duty aluminum alloy that is commonly used to manufacture aircraft components. The frame of the DVX Pedelec electric bike is durable and eye-catching due to its unique one-of-a-kind design.


Equipped with front and rear disc brakes. The ebike also had reflectors attached to the wheels to ensure safe and visible riding in dimly lit areas.


Running on a 36V 7AH Samsung battery, the bicycle can go up to distances of 45km depending on terrain and load. There is also an additional storage space for easy battery swapping. This package also comes with an additional external battery!


Fitted with a 36V 250W Brushless Motor that is commonly found in many e-bikes. The electric bicycle is also LTA approved.

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