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Looking to upgrade your bicycle to an ebike to generate more income or maybe an all-rounder electric bicycle? The Eco Drive Plus is an amazing ebike with premium components that emphasises on speed, comfort and safety. Equipped with a step-through frame for easy dismounting, making it highly ideal for delivery riders!

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Express Drive Plus Electric Bicycle Benefits


– Single charge: above 40km
– w/ Additional battery: up 90km


– Super reliable
– Easy maintenance
– Great value for money


– Good pick up
– Slope will not post a problem
– Good response even additional load


– Perfect for delivery
– Great for Singapore road
– Easy mount with low crossbar


– Not foldable
– Not suitable for public transport

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FAQs for Express Drive Plus Electric Bicycles

Can I carry children on the ebike?

Based on Singapore’s regulatory requirement on e-bikes, children below 16 years old are not allowed on an e-bike. If you’re getting a unit to bring your young children around, you might consider an e-scooter, PMA or bicycle instead.

Can I ride ebike in Singapore?

Yes, E-bikes that are LTA approved; tagged with the LTA orange seal are certified legal to use in Singapore. At Eko Life, all our e-bikes are LTA approved. You are allowed to use them on roads (with helmet), cycling paths, park connectors and shared paths. Don’t forget to complete your online theory test before going on road! It’s a few clicks away to get the test completed!

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Express Drive Plus Electric Bicycle Reviews

Drive Plus is stable and not too small for my size. However, I wish it is foldable sometimes. I still recommend it for anyone that is looking for a reliable workhorse.

I trade in my Ji-Move to Drive Plus, no regret. Stable, easy to ride, good battery size. Thanks Lance for introducing me.

This is my 3rd ebike I owned. So far, I like drive plus the most also Eko gave me a good deal for an extra battery. I used it for fetch my kids and part time grab.

Additional Info for Express Drive Plus Electric Bicycle

Drive Plus Delivery Rider
Drive Plus pedal assist
Certification: LTA Compliant (Orange Seal), EN15194 2017 TUV Certified
Motor: 48V 240W DC brushless
Battery: Standard 10.5Ah (48V), detachable
Brake Systems: Dual disc brakes
Wheels: 20 inch tyres
Rims: Cast aluminium 1 piece rim
Display Meter: Coloured LED
Weight: 19.8 kg(s)
Dimensions: 155 × 60 × 98.5 cm
Color: Black, Red
Max load: 100.2 kg(s)
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Unique features

One of the main unique feature about the Express Drive Plus e-bike is the rear seat that comes with it. This is a huge selling point for many buyers looking to ferry others on their e-bike. This also makes the e-bike a popular choice amongst delivery drivers as the rear seat rack can be used to secure a delivery bag.

It’s step-through frame also makes it an ideal e-bike for delivery riders due to how often they’re required to dismount their e-bike.


The e-bike is also manufactured using high strength aluminium, reinforcing its durability. The parts of the e-bike are also easily available in servicing stores, making it an easy e-bike to maintain.


Every Express Drive Plus comes with front & rear lights as well as a bicycle bell. There is also a chain guard to prevent any entanglement of fabric or external materials in the e-bike’s chain. The rear and front disc brakes also makes braking more efficient and safe.


Running on a 48V 10.5Ah battery that efficiently powers the motor and gives a longer riding distance per charge.


The Express Eco Drive Plus runs on a 48V 240W Brushless Geared motor which is sufficient for the e-bike to traverse hills, reach speeds of up to 25km/h and function with a maximum load of 125kg.

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