Ji Move MC

JI-Move MC Electric Bicycle with External Battery - LG 20.8Ah (36V) - Grey

Wondering what is the top e-bike choice for delivery riders? The Ji-Move MC have been topping the list for 2 consecutive years now for it’s large battery capacity! It prides to be one of the top range mileage in Singapore e-bikes community with an estimated 120km range per full charge. It’s foldable frame also makes transporting the e-bike in Singapore easily.

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Ji Move MC Benefits


– Single charge: above 100km
– w/ Additional battery: up 200km


– Heavy duty usage
– Easy maintenance
– Great value for money with mileage


– Gradual torque response
– Adjustable mode to use for uphill
– Require some pedal assist for heavy load


– Great for delivery
– Require seat pole upgrade for tall riders
– Limited display details


– Foldable to fit car boot and public transport
– Suitable to travel with
– No locks to secure folding in place

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FAQs for Ji Move MC

Can I carry children on the ebike?

Based on Singapore’s regulatory requirement on e-bikes, children below 16 years old are not allowed on an e-bike. If you’re getting a unit to bring your young children around, you might consider an e-scooter, PMA or bicycle instead.

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Can I ride ebike in Singapore?

Yes, E-bikes that are LTA approved; tagged with the LTA orange seal are certified legal to use in Singapore. At Eko Life, all our e-bikes are LTA approved. You are allowed to use them on roads (with helmet), cycling paths, park connectors and shared paths. Don’t forget to complete your online theory test before going on road! It’s a few clicks away to get the test completed!

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Ji Move MC Reviews

I have been using Ji-move MC to work delivery jobs, the battery can last a whole day of my shift. I usually do about 8-10 hours daily and charge it overnight.

Battery is good but buy another battery to swap if riding in uphill places. If use mode 5 all the way will eat battery.

My 2nd ji-move MC under installment. Better than the 1st gen Ji-Move MC now. The first version have some fuse problem when charging. Now is better

Additional Info for Ji Move MC

Ji-Move MC Carbon
Ji-Move MC New Colours
Certification: LTA Compliant (Orange Seal), EN15194 2017 TUV Certified
Motor: 36V 250W DC Brushless
Battery: LG 36V 20.8AH detachable
Brake Systems: Dual disc brakes
Wheels: 14″ pneumatic tyres from CST
Rims: Cast aluminium 1 piece rim
Display Meter: Standard display
Weight: 20 kg(s)
Dimensions: 129 x 97 x 51 (Unfolded)75 x 65 x 43 (Folded) cm
Color: Grey, Gold, Emerald, Carbon
Max load: 120 kg(s)
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Unique features

Ji-Move MC is known for it’s large battery capacity with up to 100km range per full charge, without having to head home for a recharge mid-day.


Ji-move MC e-bike can be folded by stem and body; suitable for MRT, bus and can fit into a car boot too.


Every Ji-Move MC comes with a bell, front white LED white light and rear LED red light. These are controlled by rider on their display button. It also comes with fork reflectors for added night rides.


One of the top mileage per single battery available in Singapore, it comes with a LG 36V 20.8AH detachable battery.


The Ji-Move MC runs on a 36V 250W Brushless Geared motor which is smooth for your daily rides, reach speeds of up to 25km/h (depending on load) and function with a maximum load of 100kg.

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