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Kol Max Plus succeeds her predecessor Kudu, an all-improved version to 48V and 14.4 AH while retaining the step-through design and raised pedal height; it is no question why Kol Max Plus was well received in the market. Catering to battery mileage, powerful torque and riding comfort

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Kol Max Plus Electric Bicycle Benefits


– Single charge: above 100km
– w/ Additional battery: up 200km


– Super reliable
– Easy access to servicing maintenance
– Great value for money


– Gentle yet responsive pick up
– Slope will not be a problem
– Good response even additional load


– Great for all-purpose ride
– Can be a little short for riders above 185cm
– Easy mount for step-through frame


– Not foldable
– Not suitable for public transport

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FAQs for Kol Max Plus Electric Bicycles

Can I carry children on the ebike?

Based on Singapore’s regulatory requirement on e-bikes, children below 16 years old are not allowed on an e-bike. If you’re getting a unit to bring your young children around, you might consider an e-scooter, PMA or bicycle instead.

Can I ride ebike in Singapore?

Yes, E-bikes that are LTA approved; tagged with the LTA orange seal are certified legal to use in Singapore. At Eko Life, all our e-bikes are LTA approved. You are allowed to use them on roads (with helmet), cycling paths, park connectors and shared paths. Don’t forget to complete your online theory test before going on road! It’s a few clicks away to get the test completed!

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Kol Max Plus Electric Bicycle Reviews

It’s been two weeks since I got this ebike and I’ve already saved so much money on gas… not to mention the added exercise from pedaling has been great for my health. Would definitely recommend!

My old Drive gave up and Lance introduced this to me. Abit similar but better response and mileage. GREAT!

This is by far the best electric bike shop I’ve ever been to. The staff knows their stuff and they’re more than happy to help you find the perfect bike for your needs. They also have an incredible selection of bikes to choose from!

Additional Info for Kol Max Plus Electric Bicycle

Kol Max Plus Grey
Kol Max Front Wheel
Certification: LTA Compliant (Orange Seal), EN15194 2017 TUV Certified
Motor: 48V 250W DC Brushless
Battery: LG 48V 14.4AH
Brake Systems: Front disc brakes, Rear drum braokes
Wheels: 20 inch tyres
Rims: Cast aluminium 1 piece rim
Display: Standard display
Weight: 19.9 kg(s)
Dimensions: 142 × 63 × 79 cm
Color: Grey, Red
Max load: 120 kg(s)
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Unique features

If you’re a big believer in comfort is the top priority, the Kol Max Plus (imporved from Kudu e-bike) will be your choice. It is equipped with reliable high capacity for longer mileage and went through fine tuning for your pedal assistance delivery. The pedals are also raised higher to ensure clearance in every turn on your ride.


The frame of the Kol Max Plus is made from high grade alloy that improves durability and to minimise the weight of the bicycle.


Every Kol Max Plus is equipped with front, rear and brake lights to enhance your night riding safety. Also on your handlebar access is an integrated horn for road riding!


Kol max uses a 48V high torque for you to conquer hills. Paired with 14.4 AH LG cells, this combination gives an estimated 100km per single full charge!


The Kol Max Plus runs on a 48V 250W Brushless Geared motor which gives you the perfect push to go uphill even with a load. Kol Max Plus reach speeds of up to 25km/h (depending on load) easily and function with a maximum load of 100kg.

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