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Rogi Max Plus is the largest battery capacity that is approved in the e-bikes in Singapore. With the 36V 21AH detachable battery, 20″ large wheel size, and it’s great looks. It’s suitable for both recreational and delivery riders.

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Rogi Max Plus Electric Bicycle Benefits


– Single charge: above 100km
– w/ Additional battery: up 200km


– Can be used for both work long distance
– Can be used for recreational ride
– Reliable and durable


– Gradual torque response
– Adjustable mode to use for uphill
– 20″ wheel to help push motion


– Perfect for delivery
– Rims are big for stability but tyres are slim for efficiency
– In-built horn


– Not foldable
– Not suitable for public transport

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FAQs for Rogi Max Plus Electric Bicycles

Can I carry children on the ebike?

Based on Singapore’s regulatory requirement on e-bikes, children below 16 years old are not allowed on an e-bike. If you’re getting a unit to bring your young children around, you might consider an e-scooter, PMA or bicycle instead.

Can I ride ebike in Singapore?

Yes, E-bikes that are LTA approved; tagged with the LTA orange seal are certified legal to use in Singapore. At Eko Life, all our e-bikes are LTA approved. You are allowed to use them on roads (with helmet), cycling paths, park connectors and shared paths. Don’t forget to complete your online theory test before going on road! It’s a few clicks away to get the test completed!

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Rogi Max Plus Electric Bicycle Reviews

I am used to the old Rogi Max that is 48V, this version is 36V and pick up is lesser but overall is still good for daily use

Mike is very helpful to advise that Rogi Max Plus is better for me because of the mileage. So far so good!

Customer service is perfect but Singapore limited choice for e-bike. Rogi Max Plus is the best that I can choose from but tyres too slim have to be careful on drain covers.

Additional Info for Rogi Max Plus Electric Bicycle

Rogi Max Plus Seat Adjustment
Rogi Max Plus Rider
Certification: LTA Compliant (Orange Seal), EN15194 2017 TUV Certified
Motor: 36V 250W DC Brushless
Battery: Samsung 36V 21AH
Brake Systems: Dual disc brakes
Wheels: 20 inch tyres
Rims: Cast aluminium 1 piece rim
Display: Standard display
Weight: 19.9 kg(s)
Dimensions: 150 × 53 × 100 cm
Color: Matt Black, Army Green, Light Blue, Yellow
Max load: 120 kg(s)
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Unique features

The new Rogi Max Plus is known for outdoing the Ji-Move MC in batttery mileage per full charge. This new model have kept the design simpler to cater to the added capacity on the battery.


This e-bike uses a full high grade alumnium frame to decrease the wear and tear rate that may be resulted in the folding component.


Every Rogi Max Plus is equipped with both front and rear disc brake for better braking power, in-built horn, and front, rear and braking LED lights for added safety.


The top mileage approved in Singapore, Rogi Max Plus runs on 36V 21AH Samsung cells.


The Rogi Max Plus runs on a 36V 250W Brushless Geared motor which is smooth for your daily rides, reach speeds of up to 25km/h (depending on load) and function with a maximum load of 100kg.

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