YY Scooter Rogi Electric Bicycle

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Discover the Future of Commuting with the YY Scooter Rogi Electric Bike

Elevate your daily commute and embrace the perfect synergy of technology and convenience with the YY Scooter Rogi Electric Bike. Offering the best of both worlds, this electric bike effortlessly transforms from an ebike to a 7-speed foldable bicycle, adapting to your every need.

Embrace the Fusion of Possibilities:
The YY Scooter Rogi Electric Bike introduces a seamless transition between electric and manual modes. With a 7-speed Shimano gear system, experience the joy of pedal-powered cycling or effortlessly switch to electric power for enhanced speed and ease. Even without the battery, relish the convenience of a functional 7-speed foldable bicycle.

Optimal Portability, Maximum Comfort:
Navigate urban terrain with unmatched ease, thanks to the foldable stem and body of the YY Scooter Rogi. Perfect for public transport commuting, this electric bike embraces compact design without compromising on comfort, ensuring every journey is a delightful experience.

A Remarkable Companion:
The YY Scooter Rogi Electric Bike is the ultimate choice for riders seeking a versatile bicycle substitute. With its foldable stem and body, this e-bike effortlessly fits into limited spaces, making indoor storage a breeze. Transition seamlessly from electric assistance to pedal-powered mode and explore your city with unprecedented freedom.

Enhanced Safety, Night and Day:
Feel secure during every ride with the front light illuminating your path during night cycling. Reflectors on the wheels ensure visibility, especially in dimly lit environments, enhancing your safety and that of fellow road users.

Powering Your Journey:
Embark on your daily adventures with the YY Scooter Rogi Electric Bike, equipped with a reliable 7.5AH (36V) battery. With a 36V 250W Brushless Geared motor optimized for flat road riding, conquer your urban landscapes effortlessly and efficiently.

Embrace Limitless Freedom:
The YY Scooter Rogi Electric Bike transcends conventional commuting, offering a unique blend of power, flexibility, and convenience. Seamlessly switch between electric and pedal-powered modes, redefine your daily journey, and experience the future of urban mobility. Elevate your ride and unveil the endless possibilities that await with the YY Scooter Rogi Electric Bike.

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