Our Bicycle Servicing and Repair

Eko Life is a full-service bicycle repair and maintenance company. We offer a wide range of services, from simple tune-ups and flat tire repairs to complete overhauls and custom builds. We’re passionate about bicycles and ride them ourselves, so we know how important it is to keep them running smoothly. We’re also happy to offer advice on riding technique, bike fit, and choosing the right gear for your needs. Whether you’re a casual rider or a competitive racer, we can help you get the most out of your bike.

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Why Choose Eko For Your Bicycle’s Servicing and Repair?

There are a few reasons why you might choose Eko for your bicycle’s servicing and repair needs:

We are a reputable company with years of experience in the industry.
Offers a wide range of services, so you can find everything you need in one place.
Our team of skilled professionals who are passionate about bikes and will take the time to do a good job.
Lastly, we offer competitive prices with best value.

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Bicycle’s Servicing & Repair Frequent Asked Questions

General Servicing Questions

Why does it take so long to get my Ebike repair or serviced?

Our team work hard to ensure you have the quickest turnaround, however sometimes due to parts procurement or we have a long job queue. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

I purchased my Ebike from Eko so does it mean Eko provides the aftersale warranty?

No, we primarily focused on retailing and not distribution of the Ebike. It is better to refer to the local distributor for aftersales warranty of your Ebike.

Does it mean that Eko will not be responsible for any after-sale matters?

No, we care about our customer. On many occasions, we provide servicing to some customers are unable to get timely assistance from the local distributor.

Do you service all kinds of bicycle’s fork including single-sided fork?

No, we don’t. Currently our bicycle’s servicing for front fork mainly on more conventional types.

Do you provide aesthetic custom paintwork for my bicycle’s front fork?

No, we don’t. Custom paintwork are not provided, we can service, we can’t paint. 🙂

How long does a typical front fork servicing takes?

Typically 1-2 day, depending the job queue at the moment.

Can I purchase the headset somewhere else and you install it for me?

Yes, we can do that. We understand that there are many variations of headset and we may not carry the particular type.

What do you do when servicing the bicycle headset?

Depending the types of bearing is being used. Typically, we will dismantle the entire headset from the top tube, cleaning out all dirt replaced all bearings.

How long does a headset servicing takes?

Typically a few hours.

What do you do for Bicycle’s handlebar servicing?

We don’t provide handlebar servicing except for fixing misalignment.

Do you provide handlebar replacement service?

Yes, we do. In fact, it is one of the most common service we provide.

How long does a handlebar replacement takes?

Typically a few hours (if we are not busy).

What do you do when servicing my bicycle’s brake systems?

We will replace all cable for cable types and replace all hydraulic fluid for hydraulic types, adjustment on brake pads to appropriate tolerance.

How long does a brake system servicing takes?

Typically, a few hours also depending on the workload at that moment.