Our Ebike Servicing and Repair

Eko Life specializes in electric bicycle servicing and repair. We have a team of experienced and certified technicians who are dedicated to providing quality service and support to our customers. We offer a wide range of services, including electric bicycle diagnostics, tune-ups, repairs, and replacements. We also offer a wide range of electric bicycle accessories and parts.

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Why Choose Eko For Your Ebike’s Servicing and Repair?

Well, the reasons are plentiful, we will just list a few. We are probably the best in the industry. Also we care about our customer a lot, always providing the best services and never compromised on servicing quality.

We take extra care when it comes to servicing Ebike, we are very mindful about Singapore’s regulations. You can rest assured that the devices that we serviced are not violating any laws and it is particularly important for delivery professionals.

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EBike’s Servicing & Repair Frequent Asked Questions

General Servicing Questions

Why does it take so long to get my Ebike repair or serviced?

Our team work hard to ensure you have the quickest turnaround, however sometimes due to parts procurement or we have a long job queue. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

I purchased my Ebike from Eko so does it mean Eko provides the aftersale warranty?

No, we primarily focused on retailing and not distribution of the Ebike. It is better to refer to the local distributor for aftersales warranty of your Ebike.

Does it mean that Eko will not be responsible for any after-sale matters?

No, we care about our customer. On many occasions, we provide servicing to some customers are unable to get timely assistance from the local distributor.

Are you qualified to perform battery related services?

There isn’t a standard board to determine if a technician is qualified. Our technicians are experienced, detailed oriented. Moreover, when it comes to battery related services, we put in extra care to ensure all required procedures and testing routines are up to industry and regulatory standards.

How long does a battery repair / replacement service typically takes?

Typically, 3-7 days. However, it largely depends on the availability of the damaged parts or components.

Do you provide warranty for battery repair / replacement service?

Yes, the warranty period is 1 month after date of eBike collection.

Do we do modifications on battery to increase its power / capacity?

No, we don’t. We will repair the device’s regulatory approved standards.

Do you provide repair for Ebike display and control panel?

Depends, on the cause of the malfunction. If it’s a wiring or connection issue, yes we can repair it.

How much does it cost to repair my Ebike’s display and control unit?

Depends, on the model and availability of your EBike.

How long does it takes to repair or replacement of my Ebike’s display and control unit?

Typically, less than a day. However it very much depends on our servicing job’s queue at that moment.

Do you provide any warranty for Ebike’s display and control unit after repair?

No, we don’t. Due to the nature of the component, we are unable to provide warranty after repair.

Do you provide warranty for Ebike’s display and control unit after replacement?

Depends on your device manufacturer’s warranty policy.

Can you make modifications on Ebike’s display and control unit?

No. we don’t do any modification as it will violate Singapore’s PAB (Ebike) regulatory standards. You will also risk being fined or confusication of device.

Do you provide services to repair and replacement of my Ebike’s motor?

Yes, we do. In fact, this is one of the common services we provide.

Can you make my Ebike’s motor more powerful?

Yes, we can but we won’t. There many good reasons why a motor’s power output is set moreover it will also violate Singapore’s law to do so.

Why replacement of Ebike’s also means replacement of wheel?

Most of the Ebike in Singapore are rear driven which means motor and wheel typically closely coupled. It would be better to replace them as an unit.

Does it cost a lot more to replace the wheel and motor?

No. Typically, the rear wheel is rather cheap part.

Why my Ebike doesn’t feel as powerful as it used to be?

The motor has parts in it that will wear and tear after sometime. It means it is time to send in for servicing or repair.

Why my Ebike suspension doesn’t seem to be absorbing shock as before?

There is a single reason. Typically, it means you need to send your suspension in for servicing.

Can you make adjustment or modification to my Ebike’s suspension to suit my profile and riding needs?

Yes, we can definitely help with that. However not all suspension has adjustments capabilities. In that case, we can help to check if any moving parts are jammed up.

My Ebike’s suspension is making sound?

It requires servicing, I would strongly suggest that you send in for consultation.