Singapore, the land with plenty of rules and regulations for you to follow. It was not even a surprise anymore as the E-Bike or Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB) rules got more complicated as the years went by. However, we do have to admit that many of these rules and regulations were implemented with the intention of keeping Singapore safe.

Due to the tight regulations set by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), there are many processes that E-Bike has to go through before you can officially call it yours. Here’s how it goes.

Stages Of Attaining LTA’s Orange Seal Tag

The SAFETY Mark helps consumers and suppliers identify registered Controlled Goods. These goods must carry the SAFETY Mark on the product. The mark consists of a “safety logo” and the words “SAFETY MARK” in a rectangle on the right. These goods can also be traced with a unique 8-digit registration number to the registrant and the registered models. Only after this mark can be found on the E-Bike charger, should it be submitted for inspection
  1. Manufacturers would firstly have to ensure that the charger of the PAB is approved and certified with a Safety Mark (example shown in photo above) to comply with Singapore safety requirements, including fire risk and interference to other equipment. You can find out more about this over at enterprisesg’s website.

  2. Once that is ensured, the PAB can then be sent to the Authorised Inspection Centre (AIC). They are the ones that will check PAB specification and legal documentations for the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

  3. The LTA-AIC will then do a thorough check and recheck to ensure public safety. These checks include a road test of the PAB and each subsequent PABs. Only when all the PAB has passed the test and has it’s verification completed then AIC will seal the PAB with official gold/orange LTA seal individually.
    • This whole process before getting an orange seal can take up to a year due to the insufficient resources and massive administration work.

  4. A few days after PAB sealing, LTA will send over a registration and ownership documentation, similar to the ownership documentation of a motorcycle or a car, to the Manufacturer. LTA will also issue license plate numbers which will need to be fixed permanently on the PABs. The E-Bikes are now legally “owned” by the Manufacturers.
    • Only after this step, will it be possible to sell the E-Bikes as an LTA-approved E-Bike.

Selling The Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB)

After you have made the purchase of the E-Bike, it isn’t exactly yours just yet! There is still a process of Ownership Transfer to happen.

So what happens is, we (Retailer), would have to send over your personal details to the Manufacturer, who would then have to send the Ownership Transfer request to One Motoring.

If you would like to know more about Ownership Transfer, you can click here to read a blog post we have already written about it!

Thank you for your time to read this! Feel free to drop a DM on our Facebook Page if you have any burning questions!

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