With the recent ban of Electric Bicycle (E-Bike) travelling on footpath, it is only natural that E-Bikes would be more commonly seen on the road now. The problem that some E-Bike riders may face is that they may not be too familiar with the road or are just not confident and would rather only use Park Connectors and Cycling Paths. If you’re one of them, you’ve landed at the correct page. Here’s 5 Tips for E-Bike Riding on Singapore Roads.

TIP 1: Always Be Aware Of Surface Hazards

Uneven Surface

A small bump or pothole on the road may seem nothing to a car, but it would definitely be something for E-Bikes. If you do see an uneven surface ahead of you, you might want to avoid it by cycling around it instead. If you think your e-bike can overcome that small bump then by all means go ahead, only if you are confident it wouldn’t be too much of an impact.

Slippery Surfaces

If you see any oil patches, which are easily spotted by their rainbow-like sheen, please avoid them as much as possible. If you see a huge puddle of water, please avoid it as well so as to prevent any water from entering your battery packs.

Sharp Objects

Same goes to cars, you should always avoid any sharp objects like glass, sharp metal bits and other pointed objects. If your tyre goes flat, carefully reduce your speed to a complete stop. Bring your E-Bike up to the pavement and push it until you can find a spot to solve your issue.

TIP 2: Check The Weather Before Embarking

Singapore is generally hot and humid with the exception of occasional rain. It is important to check the weather before embarking so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

When it gets bright and glaring, protective clothing like caps and sunglasses to help make it easier to keep your eyes on the road. Choose water bottles with push-pull caps. These let you drink without having to unscrew the caps, so that you can keep one hand on the handlebar. Also, don’t forget your sunscreens for health reasons!

Prepare a raincoat in your bag as well in case of any rain! If possible, get one for your Battery Pack as well just to be extra safe in case it’s a heavy rain.

TIP 3: Be Extra Careful When It Rains

Wet Road = Slippery Road = More Dangerous for any vehicle on the road and that includes your E-Bikes.


Visibility is reduced in wet weather. Wear bright clothing, and if necessary use your lights so that other motorists are aware of your presence. Avoid cycling in the rain where possible.


Your braking distance is increased on wet roads. Paddle slowly to allow minimum assistance as it allows you to apply your brakes gently. To get used to braking on wet surfaces, practise on streets with no traffic.


Negotiate corners slowly while keeping your bicycle as upright as possible.


When possible, avoid puddles to protect your battery pack. They provide less traction and may conceal potholes, sharp objects and other hazards like we mentioned above.

TIP 4: Educate Yourself On Road Safety And Signals

Road Safety

Starting off Look behind you and your left and right before moving off
Controlling road position Keep left unless turning right and ride in a straight line with the traffic flow

Ride at least one meter away from parked cars as their doors may be opened unexpectedly

Keep a safe distance away from the kerb

Do not follow cars or other vehicles too closely

Always check for traffic behind you. It helps to listen for approaching cars too

Ride safely to control your speed and braking

Do not swerve or make sudden turns as drivers may not be able to react fast enough to avoid colliding into you and your E-Bike

Look out for vehicles coming in and out of driveways

Be particularly alert near driveways, gateways and intersections

Braking smoothly Use your front and back brakes

Stop in a straight line with complete control over your bicycle

Signaling Give hand signals clearly and in good time. Scroll down to know of a couple hand signals.
Turning left Always check behind you and look for approaching vehicles from the right

Signal clearly if you intend to stop, give way or turn into another road

Stop pedaling when turning so that there wouldn’t be any sudden assist when you are turning which could make you lose control of you E-Bikes

Turning right Check behind you before signalling and only move to the right when the road is clear

Signal to stop if the intersection is not clear or signal to turn if the intersection is clear

Keep both hands on the handlebars while you are turning

Move through the intersection and ride to the left of the road

Keeping control on hills When riding uphill, keep a straight line without wobbling or swerving

Change the pedal assist to which you feel is suitable for the slope

When riding downhill, keep a constant road position with hands on brakes all the time

Always keep your e-bike under control with front and back brakes

Make sure you have both hands on the handlebars except when signalling

Hand Signals

Turning Left Fully extend your left arm horizontally with the palm of the hand to the front
Turning Right Fully extend your right arm horizontally with the palm of the hand to the front
Stopping Fully extend your right arm horizontally with the forearm vertical and with the palm of the hand to the front
U-turning Same rules apply as for a right hand turn

Tip 5: Equip Yourself

According to the law, you MUST wear a helmet at all times on the road especially.

You may also choose to get rear lights if your current E-Bike isn’t equipped with any to be more visible and noticeable at night.

Lastly, a mirror attached to both side of your handlebars would be very helpful in terms of paying attention to vehicles driving past you.

Essential Tips For All E-Bike Riders

To summarise, here are the 5 Tips.

Tip 1: Always Be Aware Of Surface Hazards

Tip 2: Check The Weather Before Embarking

Tip 3: Be Extra Careful When It Rains

Tip 4: Educate Yourself On Road Safety And Signals

Tip 5: Equip Yourself

Riding on the road may be scary but there will come a time when you will have to ride on the road when there are no Cycling paths or Park Connectors. Hence why, being aware of the tips we have shared with you is essential to any E-Bike rider. You might want to visit LTA‘s website to learn more about the Do’s and Don’ts for E-Bikes.

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