There has always been this misconception from our customers whereby the E-Bike with the biggest battery capacity is the best and that the other features do not matter to them anymore. Let us just tell you, the other features matter as well!

What Is So Good?

Before we get into what other features to look at, let’s discuss what’s so good about a big battery capacity. Well, it’s really simple. Having a big battery capacity basically means one thing, it lasts longer!

The biggest and most popular E-Bike in town that does this brilliantly is the Ji-Move MC. This E-Bike has an amazing battery capacity of 20.8Ah, the largest battery capacity in any LTA Approved E-Bike! 

According to a Customer of ours, he managed to cover about 100+km and the battery still had 2 bars left! Sounds pretty unbelievable but this E-Bike is the King of Long Distance coverage because of the battery.

Now, let’s discuss other features to look at in an E-Bike.

Other Features To Look At

Pedal Assist

The whole purpose of an E-Bike is the fact that it helps you reduce the amount of energy you put into pedalling, right? So why would any of you neglect this factor? One of the best pedal assist E-Bike we have is the Mido Electric Bicycle!

You would only require about 1 turn of the pedal before it does the rest of the job for you at just the first gear! You would definitely be impressed at how fast the pedal assist comes in and how it contributed to a lesser tiring experience.


Riding an E-Bike can get pretty dangerous as well, considering the maximum speed of 25km/h it can travel. What do you look out for to determine how safe the E-Bike is?

You should look at 3 main things. The Brakes, Horn/Bell as well as the Lights (both front and rear lights would be the best). Most E-Bikes have disc brakes which are great for immediate stops. Even if the model you are aiming for doesn’t have a rear light or bell, you can always attach one for yourself!


Different people react differently to E-Bikes. You friend might find the Venom 2 comfortable, but it may not be for you especially if you are tall. 

Hence why, we always encourage our customers to come down to our store for a test ride first before making their purchases.


Of Course, there will come a time when you need to bring your E-Bikes around either in public transportation or in car boots. If this is the case, get the E-Bikes that are foldable!

The latest Scorpion E-Bike has this feature and a small wheel at the bottom that would help you easily drag your E-Bike around!

Why Do The Other Features Still Matter?

Yes, the battery is all that you would need in an E-Bike because it also means you don’t have to charge it so often. However, let us just remind you that the other features we mentioned above could also add up to your riding experience. It would make a whole lot of difference if you chose properly!

Don’t neglect the rest!

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