When you were first introduced to an E-Bike, we’re sure many of you had a shock of your lives from finding out the average price of an E-Bike.

After all, it’s “ just a bicycle with a battery, what? ” 

After the discovery of it’s prices, many turned down the possibility of purchasing an E-Bike. Some would rather opt for the regular bicycles which can cost around only a few hundred dollars.

We’re here to tell you that there is a way for you to purchase an e-bike, without having to bear the pain of losing so much money at once. Just pay for your E-Bike through EasyRide Instalment Plans! Here’s why it’s worth it.

1) You Can Earn More Than You Pay For (Delivery Riders)

Majority of our customers are Food Delivery Riders and almost all of them pay by instalments. According to Seedly, PMD Food Delivery Riders earns about $5 – $12 per order. Think of it this way, you do about 5 – 8 orders and you already earn $50. That’s more than enough to pay for the Venom 2’s $40 a month Instalment Plan! The rest is yours to keep!

2) You Won’t Damage Your Wallets Instantly

As simple as it sounds, seeing your income deplete by $40 – $100 is way more pleasing than seeing all $1300~ of it vanished in a single transaction. Especially if you need it urgently, just make your first payment and you’re good to bring that e-bike home.

3) You Can Plan Your Monthly Expenses

With a constant monthly payment to be made, you can plan your expenses and track easily where all your money went. Take your monthly income and deduct your EasyRide Instalment Payment, your bills, your basic necessities etc. As the month goes by, it would feel more like a routine than a chore!

4) You Can Make Way For Unplanned Purchases

Unlike spending $1300~ at once and leaving you broke for the next few months, paying through Instalments enables you to have extra cash to spend on other unplanned items like those clothes and shoes that you saw were on SALE! 

We Heard You And We Are Here For You

We know many of you are in a difficult situation whereby spending approximately $1000 at once would damage your spending for that month and probably months after. Hence why, our EasyRide Instalment Plans are for you. We have Instalment plans from 6 – 36 months for all our LTA-Approved E-Bikes! Just pick which plan fits your budget and you wouldn’t have to worry about the rest of your spending for that month.

If you’re interested to find out more, feel free to drop us a DM on our Facebook Page regarding our Instalment Plans!

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