As most of you might have known, Ji-Move has recently released their newest model, the Ji-Move MC Electric Bicycle. JI-Move has produced numerous E-Bikes that are comfortable and fit consumer’s needs. One of the pretty recent popular one is their Ji-Move LC model which has received a lot of positive attention.

Ever since the release of the MC-model, many of you would have wondered, what is the difference between these two, considering they are from the same brand. Well, We’re here to tell you all about the similarities and differences between the Ji-Move MC and the Ji-Move LC.



Both the LC and MC models have a 36V 250W Brushless Geared Motor.

This motor requires very minimal effort when you paddle your way, even up steep slopes. If you have or have rode the Ji-Move LC, there really isn’t much of a difference when you compare to the Ji-Move MC. Even with a weight of 20kg for the Ji-Move MC, the feel is about the same.


The Disc Brake from the Ji-Move LC, is still found on the Ji-Move MC.

This feature is very helpful for E-Bikes. Dual Brakes have the ability to put the E-Bike into a complete stop quicker than regular brakes. With E-Bikes travelling a maximum speed of 25km/h, you will find that this feature could make alot of difference and could decrease your chances of getting into an accident for not braking in time.

Detachable Battery

This is one of the most important features of an E-Bike and thankfully both of the E-Bikes provide this feature. In addition to that as well, both of them are easily reached which means that you don’t really have to go through much of a hassle to get the battery pack out.


Folded & Unfolded size

One of the most obvious differences would be the size of the two. Ji-Move LC has an Unfolded size of 126 cm x 51 cm x 102 cm and a Folded size of 126 cm x 51 cm x 74 cm which is barely much of a difference.

However, you can fold the Ji-Move MC to almost half its size! From an Unfolded size of 129cm x 97cm x 51cm to a Folded size of 75cm x 65cm x 43cm. This makes the Ji-Move MC suitable to be brought on Public Transportations and can even be brought into Car Boots!

Rear Seat

The Ji-Move LC does not come with a Rear Seat. You can indeed opt to get it attached to the E-Bike but there will be additional charges to that.

As for the Ji-Move MC, the Rear Seat is already attached to the E-Bike. The seat even comes with a cushion to ensure ultimate comfort for the pillion.

Battery Capacity

This has got to be one of the major differences between the two E-Bikes. The Ji-Move LC has a 9.9AH Battery Capacity while the Ji-Move MC’s Battery has a Battery Capacity of 20.8AH which is about twice of Ji-Move LC’s! Not to mention, Ji-Move MC’s battery happens to be the largest battery capacity on an E-Bike in Singapore.

With a big battery capacity, of course you should expect longer charging hours for the Ji-Move MC. It is recommended to charge it for 6 – 8 hours, unlike the Ji-Move LC where you are required to only charge for 3 – 4 hours.

Battery Water-Proof

Ji-Move MC’s battery is a patented waterproof designed battery. Unlike traditional battery connectors using a cable, the battery connector is attached to the battery to prevent loose connection and is also waterproof.

The Ji Move LC on the other hand has a wire that would be connected to the battery which makes it not as waterproof and safer than the Ji-Move MC.


All in all, both models are great models. It really depends on what you would use the E-Bike for. For instance, the Ji-Move MC could be a better option if you want an E-Bike that would last longer on the road. If you’re not really looking at how long your Battery can last then the Ji-Move LC is already a great model.

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