It’s really not a surprise, the Singapore Government has just announced a Mandatory Theory Test, that will roll out starting from the middle of 2021, for E-Bike Riders before they are allowed to ride on Singapore roads.

This Theory Test is the same test that PAB or E-Bike riders will soon have to pass under the updated Active Mobility Act.

To keep up with the change happening in the country, here are 5 things you must know if you are riding or planning to get yourself an E-Bike.

You must be at least 16 Years Old

If you are younger than 16, don’t even think about buying an E-Bike. No, don’t even think about reading the next few lines! 

Jokes aside, a rule is a rule. Please abide by the rules at all costs. Now those who are above the age of 16 and have already passed the test let’s say, please be responsible and not “borrow” your E-Bikes to them.

This is not only for the public’s safety, but the safety of that person too.

You Must Pay a Single Theory Test Fee

As the saying goes,

“Nothing Comes For Free”

Emily Lloyd-Jones

This is very much expected from Singapore. Similar to getting a Driver’s License here in Singapore, you would have to fork out money in order to legally ride around the Island.

Frustrating to some, but definitely Essential to many. You need to be very sure you are willing to pay that sum of money before you ride out on the Roads. It is also a good way to manage the number of users on the road.

The amount has yet to be decided but just set aside some money to do the test.

Modules on Path & Road Safety

The Singapore Road Safety Council

If you’re wondering what you’ll be tested on, don’t worry. You would actually have to go through modules that will be covering both path and road safety.

This is to ensure that riders are fully aware of active mobility rules, road rules, code of conduct as well as safe riding behavior.

The issues that we have currently, not all E-Bike riders are licensed road drivers. We can’t have these kinds of people, cycling on the road at such a high speed, can we?

You can read more about Cycling on Singapore Roads here.

Valid for Life

Unlike a Driving Licence in Singapore whereby you would need to renew it every three years after you’ve reached 65 years old, a pass in this E-Bike Theory Test can last you a lifetime! No Renewals required!

That is unless, you decided to forge your Theory Test Pass which is highly discouraged! Don’t you even dare to test the System!

Even though they haven’t mentioned it yet, it will definitely be an extremely serious offend and you could just be fined. Stop wasting money unnecessary on things that you know would be Illegal or are already Illegal!

Penalties If Caught

Of course this Theory Test wouldn’t be mandatory  if there weren’t any penalties that came along with it.  

First Time Offenders: jailed for up to Six Months and/or fined a maximum of S$2,000

Repeated Offenders: jailed for up to a Year and/or fined a maximum of S$5,000

This Theory Test Is Good News!

We know many of you are pissed, confused or uncomfortable with the change. However, with the very alarming increase in E-Bike accidents on the road recently, this is definitely a Good News for many of us. You can now feel more confident and secure on the road!

It also gives us an indication that the E-Bike Industry or Community will definitely grow within the next couple of months or years! In other words, this is a sign that the Government won’t be removing us.

Now, it’s up to us to ensure that this happens.

We at EkoLife, would like to encourage all our customers or any E-Bike riders to please abide by the rules and accept this new change because it also means that E-Bike in Singapore could be the next Preferred and popular Mode of Transport!

Next step, more cycling paths? We are almost there!

Feel free to drop us a PM on our Facebook Page if you have any burning questions regarding this New Theory Test!

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