If you’re reading this blog then it only means two things; 1) You are looking to get an E-Bike or 2) You already have an E-Bike and want to see whether you’ve experienced any of the points we have mentioned below.

For those that fall under the first category, this would be more for you and if you fall under the second category, you can still stay and read as much as you and let us know how you feel afterwards!

Now, buying an E-Bike in Singapore is a pretty huge decision, especially if you are doing it to earn a living!

It is important for you to know just what to expect once you are an “E-Bike Rider” in Singapore.

The Urge To Personalise Your E-Bike in Singapore

Similar to the analogy on “personalising your cars or motorbikes” and also due to the fact that E-Bikes are increasingly common on the island, you would want to accessories them (without compromising or doing any illegal modifications)

We suggest to narrow down exactly what are your needs and in order to find that out you would need to ask yourself, “what am i doing to do with the E-Bike?” and so on. However one the hardest part is trying to tell yourself “this is enough”. There will be a point where you would want to keep adding more accessories to make it unique!


Mess In Your House

There are 3 kinds of users of E-Bike in Singapore that would experience different types of mess. The first one being those whose lives were made easier when it comes to charging. You only have to bring your batteries into your homes to charge.

These people would have it easy. Only 1 wire and 1 battery would be required.

Secondly, the group of people who have trust issues with their neighbourhood and would bring the whole E-Bike, despite it having a detachable battery feature, into the house because you’re scared of it getting stolen right outside your house.

Thirdly, those that are forced to bring the E-Bike into the house. There are some models like the Zebra E-Bike that makes it hard for you to pull just the battery out. Hence, you are forced to bring it into the house which may be a little space consuming.

These two groups would have it rather messy. With the dirt/mud their tires have went through, the space it would consume and the tangled wires.

Unless you are a really organised person, you don’t really need to worry on this point.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you assign an area/corner in your house that is dedicated to only charging your E-Bike batteries. Try to keep them away from easily flammable things as well like curtains. Best to be careful in this step before anything dangerous happens, touch wood.

Riding a Regular Bicycle Will Never Feel The Same

The key difference to riding experience between an E-Bike and a regular bicycle would be the power assist. If you’re used to putting in a little effort because of the power assist, riding a regular bicycle is going to feel weird!

Overly Attached

Especially if you are going to use an E-Bike in Singapore everyday for hours, You will find yourself feeling overly-attached with your E-Bike! It’s almost like a girlfriend/boyfriend.

With owning an E-Bike in Singapore cutting down a lot of costs on transportation. You’re also going to wish you could travel the whole Singapore on it!

You might want to warn your partners about it.

Always Looking Out For LTA Enforcement Officers

E-Bike in Singapore Getting Caught By LTA Enforcement Officer

Even if you are 100% sure you are legally riding the E-Bike in Singapore, the mini anxiety is unavoidable! There are a lot of LTA Enforcement Officers out and about in different neighborhoods on different days.

Our tip? Just abide by the Rules set by LTA! If you know you haven’t done anything wrong to your E-Bike or have been riding at the appropriate paths then there really is nothing for you to be so nervous about!

On top of this, there will be an E-Bike Theory Test coming soon. Perhaps after you’ve done the test, you would be more knowledgeable of the rules and wouldn’t have to worry about being “caught”.

After-Sales Issues

E-Bike are like any other devices. Your phones, laptops, tv, etc. Proper care and maintenance would be required in order for them to last for quite some time. The group of people that are most likely to face more issues would be those that do food deliveries because of their long working hours with the E-Bike.

The longer you use an E-Bike, the higher the chances of it breaking down on you. Hence, we highly recommend that you read our blog on E-Bike Maintenance to find out more about the tips and tricks of keeping an E-Bike for a long period of time.

Do You Still Buy an E-Bike in Singapore?

As mentioned earlier, buying an E-Bike in Singapore is a huge decision especially if you plan to use it for a long period of time. However, at the end of the day, we can assure you that this huge decision could just be the best decision you’ve ever made. The amount of effort you saved on cycling.

We hoped this blog gave you an overview of what to expect if you were to get an E-Bike in Singapore.

Feel free to drop us a DM on our Facebook pages (York Hill), (Canberra), (Lower Delta) to clarify any doubts you have in mind about owning an E-Bike in Singapore or even about our EasyRide Instalment Plans for E-Bikes!

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