EkoLife Has Evolved!

Eko Life is not a regular ebike shop. Our mission – to provide mobility to every single person who needs it without blowing their budget – continues to evolve. The past 2 years have been tough but enjoyable as well. Being a part of many of our customer’s lives, enabling those who depend on eBikes and eScooters for their livelihoods, means a lot to us! Thank you! 

The mobility community (eBikes, eScooters and bicycle riders) is growing exponentially especially over the past year, due to Covid19. We have noticed that there is an increase in demand for e-bike maintenance issues as well as in the number of enquiries pertaining to owning an E-bike in Singapore. 

Many are confused with the maintenance efforts required, with the rules & regulations and simply cannot commit. We heard you!

This year, we have 2 other outlets joining our pack, Canberra and Lower Delta! I’m sure everyone is familiar with our first Eko Life outlet at York Hill!

EkoLife Canberra

EkoLife Canberra

EkoLife Canberra is a new outlet located in the Northern area of Singapore! This store is located on the first floor of a multi-storey car park and surrounded by HDB blocks.

This outlet is about 3x bigger than the one located in York Hill. 

Similar to our York Hill outlet, our Canberra outlet aims to serve the Northern eBike Community and would focus on Instalment sales. 

Apart from that, we are also bringing a wider variety of mobility products like Bicycles and Personal Mobility Aids (PMA) to the Canberra outlet. 

Minor Ebike repairs would also be available in our Canberra Outlet!

EkoLife Lower Delta

EkoLife Lower Delta

Formerly known as “MotoSG”, the EkoLife Lower Delta outlet has been around for a while now and we are very happy to welcome this outlet to the Eko Life brand. 

The EkoLife Lower Delta Outlet is slightly unique. If you have known MotoSG, you will know that the team is highly specialized in servicing and repairs of e-mobility. We have technicians with years of experience and expertise handling PAB, PMD and PMA. 

Well, we all know how frustrating it can be when your vehicle gives up while you are in the middle of a delivery or on the way to your destination. How many times have you gotten a proper diagnosis on your ebike issues?

Also, with the increasing number of accidents and misfortunes, it is very important to be educated and well informed on this subject matter. Knowledge is power! Knowledge can reduce the misunderstanding of e-mobility so that we can embrace the advantages it brings us!

Moving forward, Lower Delta will be the main service center for our e-mobility brand, bridging the gap in the industry and increasing the safety level for the e-mobility market. 

With the 2 new outlets under the Eko Life brand, there comes a need to give a new update to the Eko Life brand! 

Designed With Our Roots In Mind

Early this year, the nerds and the creatives in the team came together and spent a week brainstorming and refining the Eko Life Brand. We identified three key areas to address:

  1. Customer able to recognise and differentiate the outlets easily
  2. A symbol that reminds us of why we have started this business – the customers that we touch with every aspect of our business
  3. A representation of our passion in sustainable energy and the future of the Singapore society

With that said, we humbly present to you, the new Eko Life!

A twist from the original logo. The circle in the new logo symbolises Trust and Synergy. Trust that our customers have in us, by being truthful, humble and being there for them which eventually evolves into synergy. 

Energizing Changes

Our vision is to revolutionize the e-mobility landscape by making it an exciting, accessible, and affordable journey for everyone. We aim to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation, not as a mere necessity, but as an enjoyable experience that everyone looks forward to. We are committed to breaking down the barriers of cost, ensuring that e-mobility is not a luxury, but a standard within reach of all. We envision a future where e-mobility is not just an option, but the preferred choice for all, contributing to a greener and more sustainable world.

One small step at Eko Life can make a big part of the journey. We hope we can be there to aid, educate and share that future with you. Together, let’s energize our ever evolving life! We look forward to this journey with you. 

The Outlets

The outlets logos are designed with practicality in mind for easy recognition. The colours in the logos represent Singapore MRT routes which many of us are familiar with. No more getting lost!

From left to right: Eko Life York Hill (Outram Park Station, NE3), Eko Life Canberra (Sembawang Station, NS11), Eko Life Lower Delta (Tiong Bahru Station, EW17)

The New Eko

Well, we hope you like it as much as we do and if you made it until this part of the blog, you must like us alot! Us too! 😍 Since it’s mutual, we look forward to seeing you at our shop! 

Lastly, to those who have patronised us previously, we hope to reconnect with you. To those who have stuck with us throughout these years, we look forward to building a deeper relationship with you. To those who we have yet to meet, we say, 

Worry Less, Ride More, Trust Eko Life!

Cheers to a better future! 

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