is one of the leading brands for personal mobility devices in Singapore. Two of their hottest E-Bikes are available in our store and they are the Venom 2+ and Venom 2.

We have had quite a number of enquiries from our customers regarding the difference between these two E-Bikes which is totally understandable. They look exactly the same, don’t they? Well don’t worry, we’re here to tell you the similarities and differences between these two to give you a clearer picture before you make your final decision!



One of the obvious similarities would be the design these E-Bike come in. Both the Venom 2+ and Venom 2 have the same exact dimensions of 124cm x 45cm x 70cm and are both available in the colours orange, white and grey.

Both of the models are designed with frames that are made out of Aluminium Alloy. This material makes the E-Bike Light-Weight and Durable at the same time.


Both the Venom 2+ and Venom 2 E-Bikes has a motor of 36V 250W.

One of the advantages of this 250W motor is that it is super reliable. 250 watt motors has been mass produced and tested on a mass market. It is proven to give you years of trouble free use. If one breaks no problem, they are also cheap to replace.

Detachable Battery

Thankfully, minimotors has blessed both the Venom 2+ and Venom 2 with this feature. Detachable Batteries are so important in an E-Bike, especially when you’re living in a HDB flat in Singapore where space is very limited!

It would be a very huge hassle for us to bring the whole E-Bike into the house just to charge it. With this feature, you can simply just bring the battery into your homes to charge. Plus, if you want to replace the battery, it is also made easier for you now.


Battery Capacity

Here is the star difference. The Venom 2+ has a Battery Capacity of 10Ah with about 5 hours to fully charge whereas the Battery Capacity of Venom 2 is 6Ah with about 3 hours to fully charge!

Why is Battery Capacity so important? Battery Capacity affects how long you would be able to take the E-Bike for a cycle. The smaller the capacity, the faster the Battery will run out. It’s as simple as that, really.


As we mentioned earlier, the battery capacity for Venom 2+ and Venom 2 are different. This also means that the distance each E-Bike would be able to cover is also different.

With a larger Battery Capacity of 10Ah, the Venom 2+ is able to cover a distance of about 110km per full charge while the Venom 2 is able to cover a distance of 60km per full charge with it’s 6Ah Battery Capacity.

Maximum Load

If you are already having thoughts of getting Venom 2+ just because of the larger battery capacity, there is however a downside to it as well. Here’s why

Venom 2+ can only hold a maximum weight of 100kg whereas the Venom 2 can hold a maximum weight of 120kg. This is an important consideration especially if you know that you won’t be the only person riding it or if you know you will carry a heavy bag at the rear seat.

Generally the same?

All in all, both the Venom 2+ and Venom 2 are about 80% similar! It is of course the larger battery capacity that people are more likely to be attracted to Venom 2+ but let us just remind you that bigger doesn’t necessarily means everything else is better.

We hope that gave you a clearer picture of the two models before you decide to purchase one of them. Choose wisely people!

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