The Ji-Move LC Electric Bicycle and the Venom 2+ Electric Bicycle happens to be 2 of our best selling E-Bikes. If you’re considering getting your hands on either of these E-Bikes but haven’t really made the decision, continue reading! 

Let’s start with the similarities between the two!



The Ji-Move LC Electric Bicycle and the Venom 2+ both have a pair of 14-inch pneumatic tyres. What is so special about pneumatic tyres? Well, one of the biggest benefits of using pneumatic tyres is its ability to absorb the unevenness of terrain. This allows for a smoother ride with  less bumping and shaking, perfect for the urban city of Singapore and partially rough terrains.


There are disk brakes installed on the front and back wheels. On regular bicycles, brakes are usually installed on the rear wheel. The best thing about disk brakes is that you can now have precise and strong brakings which can be helpful for emergency situations. Travelling the maximum speed of 25km/h can now be less worrying, knowing that the disk brakes are there for you when you need to brake.

Detachable Battery

One of the biggest hassle when it comes to replacing batteries when one needs to, is having to go through a complicated process just to get the battery out. These 2 E-Bikes remove that hassle away from you with their very sleek yet helpful design of having the battery pack located at an accessible part of the E-Bike.



Yes, both of them have detachable battery packs. However, there’s a slight difference between the two of them. Firstly, it’s capacity. The Ji-Move LC Electric Bicycle is an LG 9.9AH, 36V Battery Pack whereas the Venom 2+ is a Samsung 10AH, 36V Battery Pack.

With that, Ji-Move LC requires 3 – 4 hours of charging time while Venom 2+ requires 4 – 5 hours of charging time before it is fully charged, ready for use. 

Adjustable Seat

The Venom 2+ is the only E-Bike out of the two that includes an adjustable seat. With an adjustable seat, the rider can set the height of the seat that suits his/her comfort which is usually determined by their height and weight. However, the default seat height for the Ji-Move LC is still as comfortable as it can get.


Weighing 18kg, The Venom 2+ is able to travel a range of up to 110km while the Ji-Move LC is able to travel a range of up to 80km with it’s 19.7kg weight. To put simply into words, Venom 2+ is very heavy. However, this weight is able to bring you further when you compare it with the Ji-Move LC E-Bike.

Which is better?

Well, we have no concrete answers for you because it differs for different individuals as to which option is really the best for them. We suggest that you come down to our store physically and give it a test drive first before making your decision. 

However, we do hope this gives you a better understanding of the similarities and differences between these Venom 2+ and the Ji-Move LC E-Bikes and could help you in your decision-making process! 

Remember, what may seem perfect for others, may not be perfect for you. Choose wisely!

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