Have you considered purchasing an Electric Bicycle (E-Bike), or in other words a Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB), from us? Well, there are a few important things you should know about owning one in Singapore from who can ride, where you can ride and for this blog’s topic, you should also know more about Ownership Transfer of PAB in Singapore especially when you buy from us!

What is Ownership Transfer?

It is the process of changing the E-Bike ownership from the distributor to you (the person who bought the E-Bike). 

Why is Ownership Transfer Necessary?

Once the Ownership of the E-Bike you have bought has been transferred, you can legally call it your own.

How is the Ownership Transferred?

After you have purchased an E-Bike from us and brought them home, we will firstly contact our distributor/supplier of the E-Bike within the next 24 hours upon purchase to request for an Ownership Transfer. We would be handing them over your contact information as well as your E-Bike registration number.

Then, the distributor will have to submit their Transfer Ownership request through onemotoring

  • The reason why the distributor has to be the one doing this step and not us is because the E-Bikes that we sell were not registered under us. It is the distributor who registered and got the E-Bikes sealed before distributing them to us to sell. Hence, the distributor (owner) can be the only ones to transfer to you (new owner). 

Lastly, you should expect a text from onemotoring within about 5 to 7 calendar days after your purchase, regarding the successful transfer as well as a guide to accept the transfer.

  • You have 5 calendar days upon receiving the text message to log into onemotoring using your Singpass account to confirm your transfer and pay a Transfer Ownership fee of $11. If you fail to do so, it will lapse and we would have to repeat the first step all over again.

You Are Good To Go!

Once you have accepted and paid, you can finally legally call the E-Bike yours! We hope this short blog gave you a better understanding of the Ownership Transfer process that every new E-Bike owner would have to go through.

A friendly reminder that due to the current Covid-19 situation, the whole process might take a longer process time. We kindly seek your understanding during this difficult time. If you still have any further questions, you may visit onemotoring or  drop us a DM on our Facebook Page! We are always ready to help!

2 thoughts on “What To Know About Ownership Transfer

  1. Siti mariam Saidi says:

    I have bought via installments from ekolife , when i check in one motoring the ebike is not under my name can you assist

  2. Ysl says:

    If bought a used ebike. Already have orange tag But unable to transfer name. Will it ok to use on road although is lta tag approved type on road ?

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