Where can you ride your Escooter? 

The Active Mobility Act implemented by LTA states that Escooters can only be used on footpaths and shared paths. Stay off pedestrian-only paths if you don’t want any trouble with the law! The new park connectors will give riders many new locations to explore and if you need to some tip on navigating them, this link will provide useful info.

How do you differentiate the paths from each other?

  • Footpaths are generally unmarked and have no signs. (It’s confusing we know!)
  • Shared paths are usually marked with a sign directing riders to the left.
  • Pedestrian only paths are what you see in the pic below.
The sign no rider wants to see


We all love the rush of speed but riding in public places mean that we have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for others too.  Speed for Escooters on footpaths is limited to 10km/h and for shared paths it’s 25km/h.

Zero is quite safe…


Singapore’s Active Mobility Act governs all Escooter related rules and regulations from usage to code of conduct. Infringing the Act can result in fines and even imprisonment.

Ah … Watt the Hell

Like how performance in cars and motorcycles are measured with horsepower and torque, Escooters are benchmarked by their battery capacity (Ah) and power output (watts) of the motor. Here’s a crash course on what these terms mean.

Samsung Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Ah (Amp hours)

The Amp Hours of an escooter’s battery capacity will basically determine the distance you can ride on a full charge. The higher the number, the longer your battery can last. The average Escooter battery capacity ranges from 7.8Ah to 21Ah.


Battery voltage for Escooters usually range between 36 to 52 volts. Basically, batteries with a higher voltage, the more power it can generate to the motor that powers the Escooter. Volts can also determine the responsiveness of your device when you accelerate.


The power consumption of an Escooter’s motor is measured in watts. On average, they would normally range between 250 – 500 watts but there are certain models that can hit the 1000+ range. A higher wattage (combined with a battery with higher voltage) can translate into better acceleration and more power when negotiating uphill terrain. A good example is the Minimotors Tempo pictured below.

The Minimotors Tempo eats slopes for breakfast

Taking Public Transport with your Escooter/PMD

Buses and MRT trains 

Escooters are allowed on public buses as long as they’re folded and carried or pushed on board the bus. Make sure any protruding parts are kept away and not at risk of hitting fellow passengers. The same applies to trains although SMRT has a guideline of 120cm by 70cm by 40cm for PMDs and there are reference guides in most train stations for you to check your device’s measurements before boarding.

All ready to board the MRT train

OK now that you’ve acquired some basic knowledge, it’s time to shop for your Escooter! Sign up for a free Eko Life membership and buy your Escooter for little as $39/month here.



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