As the saying goes – Cash is King. Learning to leverage wisely can help you build up your cash savings and that’s where an escooter installment plan can come in handy. Have you heard of Eko Life’s Escooter installment plans? It is the most comprehensive Escooter installment scheme that allows you to buy your favourite ride with a wide range of installment options to suit your budget. EasyRide Escooter installment tenures range between 6 to 22 months to fit your financial needs.

Assuming you’re earning between $1800 a month doing Grab Food, your Escooter installment monthly payment is $75 assuming you take up a 22 month plan. This amount can be easily recovered within a day’s work! You can easily save $800 – $1000 a month easily with some financial prudence.

Simply register as an Eko Life Easyride profile on our website to enjoy the privilege of purchasing your machine with our awesome Escooter installment options Call Eko Life now for a whole new way to own your Escooter!

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