“Same Same But Different” is the perfect way to describe the Rogi Pro and Rogi Max Duo.

The moment these E-Bikes landed in our store, it captured the attention of many of our followers. Mainly due to the fact that these were the two newly Orange Seal LTA-Approved 48V E-Bikes, from the usual 36V.

However, the main question remains. What are the similarities and difference between the two? Which one should I buy?


Power Capacity

YY Rogi Max vs YY Rogi Pro has a Power Capacity of 672Wh (48V,  14Ah)

Both the YY Rogi Max and YY Rogi Pro Electric Bicycles have a Power Capacity of 672Wh

This also means that it has a 48V 14Ah Battery. Technically speaking, it is one of the more powerful E-Bikes available in the market as of date as compared to the regular 36V E-Bikes that has been around for quite some time.

If you still feel unsure about the whole Power Capacity in an E-Bike, You can read more about it in another blog post written not long ago.


The weight for both the E-Bikes are 19.7kg.

If you were to ask us, it is quite a heavy E-Bike. Plus, it’s going to be risky as well once people add on accessories to personalise or for work purposes. Possible, but risky. Just choose your accessories wisely.

You don’t want to get caught for riding around an E-Bike that weighs more than LTA’s maximum weight rule of 20kg.


YY Rogi Max vs YY Rogi Pro has a Shimano Tourney 6 Speed Control

The basic features of an E-Bike like the Motor, Gear changes and even the The LCD Display Panel are the same for both E-Bikes.

To sum it up, you will get the same amount of “power” when you ride any of the E-Bikes. There are barely any changes done on that part. There won’t be a “oh, the Rogi Max does better in terms of moving faster.” The Mechanics are the same. The only factor affecting the speed would be the weight put on the E-Bike.


Colours Variety

Currently, The Rogi Max has a more sophisticated colour range as compared to The Rogi Pro.

The Rogi Max has colours like Pearl Grey, Pearl Silver, Pearl White while the Rogi Pro has simple colours which are Grey and White only.

If you care about the appearance of your E-Bike, this is one thing to consider when choosing between the two models of E-Bikes


The Rogi Max is 150 x 53 x 100 cm in size whereas The Rogi Pro is 150 x 53 x 100 cm

The Most Obvious Difference between these two would be the size. It is pretty apparent from the photo shown above.

The Rogi Max is 150 x 53 x 100 cm in size whereas The Rogi Pro is 150 x 53 x 100 cm in size. The Rogi Max is technically speaking, taller than the Rogi Pro E-Bike.

What does this mean? Simple. It is recommended that those taller than average people (roughly about 165cm+) use the Rogi Max! In terms of comfort, you can definitely achieve it with the Max model.


On paper, the key difference between the two models would be the Tyres Size.

The YY Rogi Pro has a 16” Tyres attached to it whereas YY Rogi Max has a 20” Tyres attached to it. 

The difference in the tyres also explains the difference in the heights of the E-Bikes. The taller the E-Bike, the bigger the tyre size and the shorter the E-Bike, the smaller the tyres.

Technically speaking, this also links back to considering the size of the E-Bikes. Is the taller with bigger tyres more comfortable for you or would you rather prefer the shorter one?


Everyone is very much aware of the various LTA rules and regulations being imposed on Electric Bicycles in Singapore. Due to the constraints, riding on the road is the safest to avoid being fined and this can also be the scariest thing about riding an e-bike. It is important to feel safe while riding to avoid unnecessary panic.

The difference between these two models is that you might feel more secure when riding the Max as compared to the Pro. It is just the human mind telling you that a bigger e-bike should be safer!

Yet again, this is arguable. It all bows down to you. Your comfort, your level of confidence and your safety. You know what’s best for yourself.

Pro or Max?

All in all, because of the difference in size, tyres and security, the questions that you should be asking yourself should revolve around “which is more suitable for your height?”, or “which do you feel more comfortable riding?”

We hope this blog gives you a clearer view on the difference between both of these E-Bikes which would be useful in helping you take a pick. 

Both the YY Rogi Pro and YY Rogi Max E-Bikes are currently selling really fast! So drop us a DM on our Facebook Page now to find out more about it and the instalment prices!

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